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Birthdate:Apr 20
Location:United States of America

AGE 27|August 2
HOMETOWN Anderfels
OCCUPATION Apostate, healer
OTHERS He has a strong fondness for cats.


Anders is named for where he came from, for when he was first brought to the Circle he refused to speak. He grew up on a farm in the Anderfels until his first spark of magic left their family barn ablaze. He was handcuffed and carted off to the Circle by the age of twelve with only a small embroidered pillow to remind him of home.

He is an escape artist, having the highest number of escape attempts as well as the highest number of actual escapes. Each time he was brought back, the last resulting in solitary confinement for a year. His only companion during this time was Mr. Wiggums, the Chantry cat, who later was possessed by a rage demon and killed 3 templars.

He escaped before the fall of Uldred, disappearing off to become a Grey Warden for a short period. He found no joy in being a Grey Warden, who forced him to give up his cat Ser Pounce-A-Lot. Outside of that, he found going into the Deep Roads sickening and could bear it no longer.

After escaping from the second group of people keeping him captured, he ended up drawing the spirit Justice into himself to protect the spirit that had become his friend. Unfortunately, Anders's internalized anger began to corrup the spirit, and Justice takes hold when anger becomes too overwhelming .

  • SPIRIT HEALING Anders has always found his greatest strength to be healing. He has learned offensive spells out of necessity for survival but he prefers the warmth of healing and seeing people rise from the brink of death. He has learned practical healing skills as well, for when he doesn't have the energy to utilize magic to the best of his ability.
  • STAFF Like most mages, Anders has good skill with a staff. He prefers to use this form of defense instead of more violent spells but isn't above lighting someone on fire to get out of a tight situation.
  • CAT WHISPERER He has an affinity with cats unlike any other. Usually if he lives in a place for a long enough period, he ends up with a cat companion through patience and care. Except Kirkwall, where most of the cats were eaten before he arrived.
  • VENGEANCE The very thing that he had done to help the spirit of Justice has resulted in him harboring a demon of Vengeance. He is an abomination in the truest sense of the word and it has made him blind to the greys of the world, focusing only on the black and white. The gentler spirit he had before, that would have light hearted banter about mage rights with the spirit of Justice urging him to do more has now become embroiled with anger and a passion for the rights of his people that burns too bright.
  • INSTABILITY Anders's struggle to balance who he was and the goal he wants to achieve has left him deeply depressed and conflicted. His deep distrust of the Chantry and the Templar order and desire to bring the Mages the rights he believes they deserve has put him in a state of uncomfortable moodiness that others find hard to swallow at times. He fluctuates between feeling the thrill of adventure and happiness in his successes and his deep depression that presses him towards recklessness and suicidal tendencies.
  • BULL-HEADED Anders's blind focus of his goals has left him to be stubborn and closed minded to the opposing views of others. He doesn't believe there is any situation where the Circle is necessary and often says things he doesn't necessarily believe in the heat of the moment during arguments just to cement the other person as the 'bad' one. He can be just as harsh towards members of his own people, speaking down towards blood mages with no desire to understand reasonings behind actions of others who make choices he finds at odds with his own.
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